Real Estate Investing Series: Here is the Deal - The Breakdown

Here is the Deal – The Cottage House Property Purchase Breakdown

We bought the Cottage house just a few days after Magnolia Fourplex. This was investment no.2 in Macon, Georgia. This property caught our attention because it was built in 2008 which is rare in Macon. The listing price was $59,000. When we initially inquired about it, it was rented for $850. If we are going […]

Real Estate Investing Series: Getting Started in Real Estate

How to Analyze Rental Property Investments

In evaluating rental properties, it is important to account for unknowns and other operating costs. A lot of new investors optimistically evaluate properties and do not consider all potential costs. Once they realize what it costs to own and maintain the property, they may end up realizing that the numbers don’t work. Two important questions: […]

Financial Independence | Retire Early Money Mindset | Mental Health

Beyond Just Numbers – Challenging Your Money Mindset and Believes

Some of us tell ourselves that when we make X amount of money and can afford X amount of things, we’d be happy. Therefore, we spend our lives working hard towards that goal. Sadly, we live in a society that associates the overachiever, the hustler and the workaholic with success. Often success is associated with […]

Financial Independence | Retire Early

Can You “Retire” Early? How We Plan to Become Financially Free in Our 30s

Have you ever considered that early retirement is within your reach? I didn’t. However, financial independence and early retirement might be closer than you think On July 3rd, 2020 while driving to Six Flags in Georgia, Ryan and I were listening to the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. In this episode, they interviewed a couple who managed […]