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My 2021 Goals- A New Approach

I don’t have to tell you why setting goals are key to success. You’ve probably read this millions of times already and there are really good books out there about goal setting. I will say that due to my tendency to obsess over goals (or anything), I had to change the way I set goals in order to spare myself from despair. Despite what most people think, I don’t have a sophisticated system to track or set my goals.

For years, I used to write down all these daily, monthly and annual goals. I lived to check the box. You can say it was great for productivity and keeping me busy. Good old times.

However, because I am no longer embracing the being busy, productive and overachiever, I’ve been a bit more lax. Some would even say chaotic.

I still do mini-lists and check these off especially when doing bigger projects, but I am way more flexible. I have to for the sake of sanity.

For my 2021 goals, what I’ve decided to do is write up a short vision narrative that essentially outlines my goals for the year.

In 2021, I am more calm. I focus on myself and I work less. I eliminate anything that does not serve me or make me happy anymore.

My day-to-day looks like this…I wake up each day to morning yoga, stretches and/or meditation. I eat breakfast, go outside, breath the fresh air out in my backyard, write in my journal. I then start my 9-5 job duties, remain focused and killing it because I am awesome. I am confident and I am energized. During lunch breaks I may or may not go on a jog or practice jump rope. I workout and eat healthy on a consistent basis. I stop working by 7PM everyday and I do not work on weekends. I spend more time with our dogs and continue to work on home improvement projects and improving my cooking.

I do not beat myself up for things I cannot control. I make mistakes, learn and move-on. I like to go on hikesand enjoy nature. I consistently evaluate whether I am being true to myself and make changes as needed.

I may spend more time writing for my blog, but I won’t hold myself to it. I want to explore photography, jump rope tricks, shuffling, and sewing.

I will care less about what people think and more of what I want. I will attempt to do more silly things. Maybe even get on TikTok.

I will remain focused on our financial plan to semi-retire in 7 years and will continue to budget and evaluate my finances on a consistent basis. I will pay off my student loans and I will be free of any debt. It will be great! Our expenses continue to be really low and our income continues to increase allowing us to keep our savings rate high.

We will sell most of our Florida properties and buy more investments in Georgia. We will diversify our portfolio with Index Funds and will max out our 401k contributions.

We will travel to Hawaii for my 30th birthday and I will have the time of my life. We will continue exploring Georgia and surrounding states on a monthly basis and maybe become skilled hikers.

I will look for new activities where I can interact with other humans in Georgia.

My family will take a new priority and I will do my best to keep in touch with them and be more present. Ryan and I will work on ironing out any kinks because yes, we are not perfect.

We will continue to try to conceive a baby, but I will not beat myself for it. It will happen eventually.

I will allow for bad days and moody days. I will cry when needed and not beat myself for it because I am human and I am vulnerable and that’s okay.

I will give my best everyday understanding that my best today is not the same as my best tomorrow or the day before.

There is that! I am sure that by the end of the year I will probably complain about how I could have done better, but I just need to come back to this post and check the following boxes

✅ Am I healthy?

✅ Am I alive?

If yes, then I have to remember that there is time to make it happen.

I also like to create a narrative that summarizes everything that I accomplished each year. I think it’s also really powerful because sometimes we take all the little things we did for granted. My 2020 summary is coming up soon and it was quite an eventful year!

Anyways, the old me would have a fit about how I set goals these days, but the old me also burnt out so there is that. You must do what works for YOU. I am still figuring it out myself.

Another way I like to keep it interesting is doing mini challenges. I like to challenge myself to do something align with one of my overall goals. It helps me get a sense of accomplishment keeping me motivated.

How do you set your goals? What has or hasn’t worked for you previously?

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