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Maybe The Time is Now – Taking Action and Achieving Your Dreams

Hesitating to take action is normal. We question ourselves in every move and think that we are not ready to make our dreams a reality. What is it that you are holding back on doing? Is it starting a business, buying your first rental property, or is it learning a new skill? Whatever it is, I am sure that you are completely capable and ready to start doing.

It took me a long time before I started this blog. I bought the domain right after I came up with the idea because I was super excited and I wanted to make sure it didn’t go anywhere. I started writing content for the blog, but I was going to wait until I had succeeded to share my story. I didn’t feel like I was ready or legitimate enough to embark on this endeavor. I thought I needed to become an expert before launching without realizing that I was already an expert in my field.

The purpose of this page is to share my journey to financial independence. In this blog, I share my struggles, passions, weaknesses, losses, wins and all of that makes up life. I wanted this page to be fully transparent which means putting myself in the open and that was (is) a scary thought.

“What if I fail?”

“What If people don’t like me?”

“What if I change my mind?”

I was (still am) afraid to potentially expose myself as a failure or a phony. I still question myself, but I do it anyway. I have learned to understand that not everyone will like me and that I am allowed to change my mind. I am the owner of my life and decisions, no one else.

You should not deny yourself of your desires.

I was scared to buy my first rental property and now I own several properties. (Read more about this here)

I was scared to start this blog and now it is a passion I seek to explore more and more.

Once you get over your fears, it becomes easier to let yourself loose and to dream bigger.

As I become more committed to my financial independence journey, I feel more compelled to share what I have learned along the way. Not only does it keep me accountable, but I also want to let everyone know that is possible to do the same. If I had known what I know now 10 years ago, I’d probably be retired drinking margaritas on a beach somewhere.

However, without these mistakes, I would not have learned the lessons and probably would not have anything meaningful to share with you. A mistake I continue to do over and over is holding myself back from doing the things I want.

I was holding off on doing something I was passionate about because of my fear of being rejected and failing. The fear is not gone, but I took action and it feels empowering. 

This all goes to say that if you have something you are itching to do, but are holding off until the time is right…

Maybe the time is now. 

You are capable of everything you set yourself to do. All you have to do is wanted and trust yourself.

Do you want to reach financial independence and retire early? You can do it.

Let’s do it together.

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